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· 2 min read
5 Methods to Evaluate Your Business Performance

Revolutionize Management with Tags in Track: Organize and Find Easily

Track, your essential partner in business management, takes an exciting leap forward with the introduction of Tags! This powerful feature is designed to provide you with a more intuitive and efficient management experience than ever before.

What are Tags in Track?

Tags in Track are like magic labels that transform the way you organize and access your contacts and deals. Each Tag is a customized category that you assign to your contacts or deals, allowing for fine organization and instant retrieval.

Why are Tags a Game Changer?

1. Personalized Organization

Create Tags tailored to your workflow. Whether by sector, deal status, or any other relevant criterion, Tags are fully customizable to align with your specific needs.

Say goodbye to tedious searches! Tags allow you to quickly find what you're looking for. Use them as keywords in the search bar for precise and instantaneous results.

3. More Efficient Management

With Tags, you have a clear overview of the distribution of your contacts and deals. Quickly identify opportunities, track progress, and optimize your business strategy.

How to Use Tags in Track?

Updating your Track application is the first step to enjoying this revolutionary feature. Then, follow these simple steps:

  1. Add Tags during Creation or Modification: When creating or editing a contact or deal, add Tags to categorize them instantly.

  2. Use Them to Filter Your Views: Need to see all ongoing deals? Select the corresponding Tag, and there you go!

  3. Incorporate Them into Your Follow-Up Strategy: Track the progress of your deals based on Tags to refine your sales approach.

Be Part of the Tag Adventure in Track!

This update with Tags is our response to your feedback and growing needs. We look forward to seeing how this feature will transform your experience with Track.

Don't forget to update your application and dive into the world of Tags for smarter and faster management!

The Track team thanks you for your trust and remains attentive to further improvements to come.

Stay organized, stay productive, with Track!

· 2 min read
Business Coach for freelancers

Being self-employed is all about managing your time and business efficiently. That's why we've developed our Business Coach offering, a personalized support system to help you achieve your revenue goals and save time in your daily operations.

How does our Business Coach work?

Our virtual Business Coach will ask you questions about your business and objectives to help you define and reach them. You'll then receive customized advice to improve your productivity and profitability.

Goals defined with Track Business CoachSales strategies with Track Business CoachTrack Business Coach recommandations

We've also implemented tools for managing quotes and organizing tasks to facilitate sales tracking and eliminate wasted time. Say goodbye to billing errors or forgetting important tasks - our Business Coach offering will help you stay organized and efficient.

Quotations management on TrackTasks organization on Track

Save time with Track

With our Business Coach offering, you'll be able to focus on what really matters for your business. No more spending evenings on time-consuming administrative tasks - you'll be able to focus on your core business and develop your projects with peace of mind.

By increasing your productivity, you'll also be able to increase your revenue. With our virtual Business Coach, you'll be guided in making the right strategic decisions and identifying development opportunities.

So don't wait any longer to join the many self-employed individuals who have already benefited from our Business Coach offering and gain an edge over your competitors.

Download Track now and start saving time and boosting your sales!